Clean Energia has evolved from a provider of solar power to an all-encompassing sustainable energy efficiency specialist for industrial businesses with high energy usage.

Who we are

Clean Energia is the brain child of Mr. Harish Kumar with a strong determination to create a change in our country- to push the citizen towards making the best use of solar energy, which will not only save our country from the short fall of power generation also it will save the pocket of all. Founded in 2016, Clean Energia is growing to India’s number 1 solar service provider. This is just the beginning for us, and there are many miles to achieve.

Clean Energia serves natural energy

Clean Energia is India’s No. 1 complete service provider for Solar Energy. We provide clean energy which is pollution free and is best energy to use for business owners, homeowner, schools, Government Organization, Private Organization which is available at a much cheaper cost. Solar energy is better than any other energy produced by oil, natural gas or coal.

Clean Energy aims to install systems which can create energy from natural resources. All the systems which are installed from our end of high engineering standards, which makes our customer to use it easily. Our each systems promises to save huge monthly utility bill.

This is what Clean Energia aims at.

Clean energia serves at a national scale

Clean Energia serves at 29 states in India. We promise to give a better service to all. We are at mission to transform our country to a clean country with minimal pollution. Similarly each of our service is supported with operational centers to provide a better facility.

Clean Energia is #1 complete service solar provider

Clean Energia makes it easy to their customers to switch to clean energy from highly charged electric supply. We do complete modelling for the customer. We do a complete inspection of the amount of power the customer consumes on daily and monthly basis. Based on that we model the complete solar supply accordingly. We are a company that provides integrated sales, support, design, installation and monitoring too of the equipment which we will install. We take it as a complete project and do the complete supply, installation, commissioning and testing. We also provide after sales support. Our project team and support team work hand in hand so that we can provide great support to our valuable customers.