How much solar energy cost?

Solar Energy costs far less than traditional power supply. We install the best product at an affordable cost which will provide you better output. You can definitely enjoy free solar power for minimum twenty years.

How will solar panel look on my roof when installed?

It looks fabulous as all the products we provide are extremely good looking and elegant. Our modern, design provides an elegant look to your panel.


How does solar energy work?

The solar panels absorbs the sun’s energy, channelize it through discreetly placed wires which hare connected to an inverter, where it is converted to electric power which lights up your home. In case you require or consume more power than your solar power system produces your grid feeds the power back into the electricity grid

What is its impact on environment and what are the benefit of solar energy?

The average solar power system will release 178 tons of carbon dioxide over 35 years. We can save our earth by making good use of solar energy which will stop the pollution which is caused due to coal burning. This will also help us to save our resources and will allow us to make good use of solar energy.

What if I want to sell my solar plant?

Nothing to worry. If you move your home or sell out, we will shift everything to your new place which will give you the same facility without any interruption.

Will my home area will be suitable for producing solar power?

This can be predicted once we do the inspection of the location. But most parts of India provides solar power, so if your house is getting enough space to receive sunlight definitely we can sort it out. Sunny locations are definitely a big hit for solar panels.

Does clean energia service my area?

Yes, definitely get in touch with us to know about our service in your area.

Will my system remain connected with utility grid?

Yes it remains connected, as in the day time your grid takes and saves energy from sun light and during night you start absorbing light from the grid.