Clean energia covers various industries rather domains:


We value agriculture sector is one of the most important sector of our country and due to shortage of finance and proper energy sources, this sector is not running in a good flow. In order to enhance this section we are providing solar solutions to agriculture department, which will help farmers to get great profit out of low investment. In agriculture sector we provide solar street light, solar garden light, solar water pump. For greenhouse effect solar panels can also be used.

Affordable housing

We understand how much it is important for your family to stay in good clean energy. SO to bring better environment for your family and kids we are coming up with clean solar energy which will definitely save your pocket in the long run and will help you to remain in good health. To get a better solution please look into our residential section, where we provide solar roof, solar panels, solar garden light, solar street light and solar water heater

Government buildings

Government buildings have lot of wastage of electricity. In order to save government buildings from huge bills we are promoting automatic solar lights which work as per requirement from dawn to dusk. There is no requirement of taking the toil of switching it on or off. For government buildings we are providing solar light, solar garden light, solar street light, solar water heaters and solar pumps.

Commercial buildings

Commercial buildings need to look very attractive and in order to maintain that these building remain lit for twenty four hours with lot of advertisements and banners which consume lot of electricity. So in order to safeguard these huge costs, clean energia comes up with solar driven energy which will help you to save lot of cost and will provide you fresh energy. We provide street light, street garden light, solar room lights, solar panels and solar roofs to run the whole power system of the building.

Canal Banks and Canal Tops

For water restricted areas we provide solar water pumps to generate more water without the electricity cost. Moreover where water level is high we even try to ensure to launch the panel over water level to save land. This will help to have money saving for consuming land too.