Solar panel with abundant power

Stylish look with high power capacity

When you look from down it looks amazing and stylish, but it goes on absorbing power from the top. Form above the cells studded in the solar roof absorbs the sun light and generates power from it, while from street view it gives a great look to our roof.

Solar panel are extremely durable

The solar panels are extremely durable from top as they are made from strong tampered glass which are supported with windshield, so this is much more durable in hail and storm and is much more powerful than common roof tiles.

We create evolution through our elegant solar panel

Our features

Power Packed

A power packed panel with hidden cells which energies your room with highly powerful lights.


The solar panel which we provide are beautiful and elegant and it will definitely complement your home.


Our solar panel are not only elegant and power packed those are beautiful too. And we provide the best solution in a great affordable price. Each of your investment will be covered up within six years of use and the facility which you will use will be of priceless.

We offer a wide range of beautiful tile styles to choose from.

Take your home to a whole new level which will beautify your home.